Honoring the Legacy of Caroline Drummond

The WIFF Group is deeply saddened by the passing of Caroline Drummond MBE, the Chief Executive of LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming), in May 2022. As a key figure involved in WIFF since its inception in 2011, we organized a tribute to celebrate Caroline’s outstanding contributions to our organization and the sectors she impacted throughout her remarkable career.

Caroline was a fervent advocate for the development and adoption of sustainable, regenerative farming practices. Her dedication to bridging the divide between farmers and the public was evident in her establishment of the annual Open Farm Sunday event. Since leading LEAF from its founding in 1991, Caroline’s unwavering commitment over three decades transformed the charity from a modest beginning to the globally recognized and respected organization it is today.

This special tribute broadcast features a talk by Caroline, recorded in March 2022 for WIFF, discussing Perseverance and Principles in the sector. The broadcast also includes fond stories and memories of Caroline shared by WIFF members, honoring her enduring impact on the agricultural community.

To watch this heartfelt tribute to Caroline Drummond, click the link below:


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