Recruiting Gen Z

At MorePeople, we’re advocates for our sectors and are passionate about getting the next generation excited about the opportunities available. We attend university talks, careers fairs and sponsor and support a wide array of networks and society’s working together to shout about working in food.

There’s a lot of hype around ‘gen z’ (those born between 1997 & 2012), they are the first generation that grew up with technology, social media and the internet – digital natives.

They are often portrayed as the most socially & environmentally-conscious generation, but how does this affect recruitment strategies for attracting, and more importantly, keeping gen z candidates?

As we know, the food industry is full of fascinating roles that aren’t widely known and showcasing this to gen z through social channels with the art of storytelling is a great way to get the industry, or your business, seen. Invest in recruitment campaigns to showcase life at your company, the typical ‘day in a life’ of certain roles you’re recruiting for and so on. Or better yet, recruitment agencies like us, MorePeople, are here to help you!

Employee retention is arguably even more important, so how do you keep your Gen Z recruit happy?

According to Mintel’s Gen Z market report,

‘45% of Gen Z are prioritising taking care of their mental wellbeing over the next year.’

Show appreciation and respect, publicly recognise them for their hard work. Make sure they know how your company can support them and how they can access it, and check in with them regularly!

Make a focus of this on your recruitment campaigns, show how they will be supported in their roles to be successful and what benefits you offer – do you offer flexible or hybrid working? Gym memberships? Employee Wellbeing Services?

‘Due to the current inflationary environment and subsequent rise in the cost-of-living consumers are adopting more cautious mindsets. 42% of Gen Z expect to cut back on luxuries and non-essential products as a result of rising prices.’

Make sure career progression paths are clear. Communicate exactly how employees can reach the next level or gain a promotion. Ensure you’re providing proper and valuable training so they feel valued and can grow within their roles.

Not forgetting, a lot of this generation’s later education was disrupted by the pandemic, and many feel their education has not prepared them to enter the workforce. Onboarding should;

Go beyond systems and culture training – educate Gen-Z on building their personal brand, on the importance of networking and teach them to track their progress.

Educate on mindset – feelings of anxiousness and imposter syndrome can drastically hold someone back.

Build relatability – Gen-Z expect communication in a way that speaks to them, ensure they can connect with colleagues across the business.

If you need any help with your recruitment, or finding your next role, get in touch! We’re always happy to have a quick, informal and confidential chat.

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