What is the most important factor in moving to a new role?

Aidan Finn, Team Manager of MorePeople’s Finance and Professional Services team recently asked his LinkedIn network about their most important factor in moving to a new job, and culture / environment was by far the most important factor!

  • Culture / Environment – 46%
  • Salary – 33%
  • Hybrid / Working from home – 21%
  • Job title – 0%

But, what is company culture and why is it important?

Company culture is the shared values, attitudes, behaviours, and standards that make up a work environment, it’s what creates the day to day feel of a company. It’s about the experience people have at work and how that experience matches the external brand and messaging of the company.

When a company has a good culture, employees are engaged which drives more positive results for the business! It means employees are more likely to want to grow with the company and move forward with their careers and that stretches from brand new employees all the way up to the leadership team.

In a healthy culture, there are clear expectations about how work gets done, why it’s important and how teams are expected to treat each other.

How employees are treated plays a big part in defining company culture. Companies that recognise their employees, include them in decision making and feedback are going to have a better culture than those where managers take all the credit and make all decisions. Having clear expectations around the work style also contributes to a company’s culture – for example -do you promote flexibility and a good work life balance?

So, are you considering your company culture and how it’s portrayed in your hiring process?

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