MDS Management Training: Developing Future Leaders in the Food Industry

MDS stands as the preeminent provider of management training within the UK food industry. Established in 1986 as a not-for-profit membership organization, MDS cultivates a stream of skilled, competent leaders to work in various aspects of the food supply chain.

Boasting a membership that includes some of the sector’s most innovative businesses, MDS unites forward-thinking companies committed to fostering high-caliber individuals. MDS offers its members the opportunity to build their own leadership pipelines while contributing to the industry’s overall success. Members provide MDS trainees with hands-on learning experiences in roles carrying real responsibility, often managing specific projects or addressing seasonal demands. MDS’s close collaboration with its members ensures a diverse range of suitable secondments and allows for ongoing input into the development of its programs.

In this month’s engaging broadcast, the WIFF Team invited several current MDS Trainees to discuss the significance of networking within the food industry. Participants included Arunima Amar, Hollie Earles, Katie Gray, Harvey Griffiths, and Francesca Pritchard.

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