How to use Autumn as a chance to re-set your career

Jennie Beasley lets us know her top tips for taking stock and re-setting your career as the seasons turn…

Autumn is often associated with the end of summer and the new school year. It’s a time when the leaves change colour, the weather cools down, and routines start to fall back into place. But did you know that autumn can also be the perfect time to kickstart your career? Whether you’re looking for a fresh start, a new job, or simply a boost in your professional life, autumn offers a unique opportunity for renewal and growth. In this article, we will explore the reasons why autumn is an excellent time to revitalise your career and provide some practical tips for making the most of this fresh start.

“Back-to-School” Mentality

Even if you’re not headed back to the classroom, autumn has a natural aura of learning and growth. This collective mindset can inspire you to set new goals, acquire new skills, and seek fresh opportunities. Embrace this back-to-school mentality and consider it a chance to invest in your career development. Take a course, attend workshops, or even pursue that course that you’ve been thinking about. Learning new skills can make you more valuable in your current job or open doors to exciting new career prospects.

A Chance to Reflect and Set Goals

Take stock of your career journey so far, assessing your accomplishments, and identifying areas for improvement. What goals did you set at the beginning of the year? Have you achieved them, or do you need to recalibrate? Use this time to refine your career objectives and create a plan to achieve them. Setting clear, actionable goals will give you a sense of purpose and direction in your professional life.

Networking Opportunities

Autumn often marks the return of industry conferences, networking events, and professional gatherings after the summer lull. These events can be goldmines for career growth. Attend them with a clear strategy in mind: meet new people, reconnect with old contacts, and share your career aspirations. Building and nurturing your professional network can lead to unexpected opportunities and valuable insights.

Job Market Activity

For job seekers, autumn is an excellent time to search for new opportunities. It has been really quiet for the people I work with who have been looking for new roles over the summer. Many companies ramp up their hiring efforts after the summer holiday season, making this a prime time to explore job openings. Update your CV, refresh your LinkedIn profile, and start networking with recruiters and potential employers. Be prepared to showcase your skills and enthusiasm for your chosen field.

Seasonal Change

The change in seasons often brings a sense of renewal and fresh energy. As the days get shorter and the weather cools down, use this transition as a metaphor for your career. Shed any negative habits or attitudes that may have held you back and embrace a more positive, forward-thinking mindset. Consider making changes in your work environment or daily routine to increase productivity and job satisfaction.

Work-Life Balance

Autumn can also be a great time to reassess your work-life balance. The slower pace of summer may have allowed you to recharge and post-holiday is a good time to re-set boundaries.

Ensure that your career goals align with your personal aspirations and values. If necessary, make adjustments to create a more balanced and fulfilling work-life dynamic.

Autumn is more than just a change in the calendar. It’s an opportunity for you to reset and refocus on your career aspirations. Whether you’re pursuing a new job, seeking career growth, or simply looking to enhance your skills, this month offers a fresh start. Embrace the back-to-school mentality, set clear goals, network actively, and seize the opportunities that arise as the job market picks up. With the right mindset and strategic planning, you can use Autumn as a stepping stone to a successful and fulfilling career.

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